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About Us

Jon Pochodzay and James Clidence met in line for music tryouts at Bible college in the 2008/2009 school year. They both were very interested in starting a quartet, but could never get anything to work; therefore, the two of them decided to wait for another class of students to try and get something together. When college started their sophomore year, Jon’s friend, Shawn Barnes, came to college, and was immediately brought into the group. Afterwards, they met a piano player named Nathaniel Kramer. Kramer was very eager to join the group when he noticed that there was an amazing spirit in a trial “prepractice”. A few days later, Shawn brought Nathan Comstock and one other person to join the group.

After a few practices, the nameless person left the group making it a quartet. The preacher boys started practicing hard and got their first singing “gig” at college chapel in November of 2009. They sang their arrangement of “There Is a Fountain” which was an instant hit. After a few weeks of trying to think of a name, James Clidence suggested calling the group “Under the Blood Quartet” which caught on immediately. Soon they were singing in churches and other places.

In April of 2010, Shawn Barnes decided he needed to take a temporary leave. He went home to be with his family for a short period of time. After a prayer meeting, God led the group to ask Jeremiah Smith to sing baritone while Kramer sang lead. After Shawn's return, they decided to keep Jeremiah full-time seeing that he became a vital member of the group. Now that there are six singers in the group, there is more flexibility to add more harmony than a traditional quartet could do.

Under the Blood has many original songs. Their most famous song is “He Still Saves” written by Jon and some of his friends from 3 Rivers Baptist Church. This song has brought tears to many people who have heard it because of its wonderful message. Other original songs to Under the Blood are: “Somebody Died“, “Under the Blood“, “I Want to Go Home”, “Faithful Legacy”, “Crimson River”, “You’ve Got to Go Through”, “Now Is The Time”, “Rely on Me”, “My Lord and My God”, and many others. All of these songs were written by Under the Blood members and their friends, but their favorite songs to sing are good old-fashioned hymns and gospel songs.

The singing group continues to be blessed by God in its outreach. God has lead them to have a blog with over 1500 viewers that is updated at least once a week with fun stories and inspiring doctrine from God's Word. God has opened the door to spawning a music production label called Under the Blood Productions with the recording of a piano CD, and their first orchestrated singing CD entitled "He Still Saves." God continues to guide them by giving opportunities to sing in churches in the midwest region.

God has blessed this group incredibly! Under the Blood makes it known that all the credit belongs to almighty God for every accomplishment that has been made and will be made. Without His wonderful involvement, the group wouldn’t be anything close to what it is today.

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